April 20, 2020
To all our friends, families, and guests:


First of all we’d like to thank you for even taking the time to read this. If you’re here and you care about anything to do with Rico or the Enterprise; we appreciate you. 


Since day 1 of this Rico adventure we’ve had every intention of making 2020 the best year of all time: for ourselves, for our community, and of course, for our business as well. The 2020 summer of events calendar for the Enterprise is full of everything from music, to fundraisers, to fun run’s, and more. As we approach the summer season, we would love nothing more than to carry on with those plans, but as we all know, we are living in a time of uncertainty, and those plans are changing.


The future of bars and restaurants is questionable to say the least, so we wanted to send you an update of where we are currently at, and how we plan to move forward. Due to the seasonal nature of business in Rico, our staff, inventory, and budget had already been reduced to bare minimum, so shifting to a “take-out only” menu has been both manageable and sustainable for us this time of year. Status update: We are going to get through this!


As of yesterday, there were 0 confirmed cases of covid-19 in Dolores County, and we’d like to keep it that way. Our summer visitors come from far and wide, and as much as we’d love to see all of you, we need you to understand something. We are an extremely tiny and, in turn, vulnerable community when it comes to this pandemic. We need you to understand that we will be putting the safety of our staff and community first when we re-open this summer.


Every year we plan on business slowing down around April/May and then picking back up again starting Memorial Day Weekend. We want everyone to know, we plan a temporary closure in May every year, and regardless of the government orders being lifted or not, we plan on being closed May 1- 21. 


Also, IF we are allowed to be open again by Memorial day Weekend, we will be limiting the amount of people allowed inside the bar until WE feel comfortable opening it back up completely. 


As the summer crowds begin to roll in, we will continue to offer a take-out menu, while focusing on serving food and drinks in our outdoor dining area. If government orders allow, we will hopefully still be able to provide live music to a VERY SMALL crowd in our outdoor beer garden. As providers of music and the social scene for Rico, this is going to be a very difficult season to navigate, so we are asking ahead of time for all your cooperation.



As restrictions begin to lift for bars and restaurants, we are offering a few tips on how you can reduce the chances of any spread of the virus when visiting the Enterprise.


Rico locals: We are all doing a very good job at taking appropriate safety precautions to prevent the spread of the virus here locally. If you are feeling ill, please do not visit public places! Please help us by calling in your orders and paying ahead of time, allowing us to deliver to you curbside, and refrain from coming inside the bar. If you must come in, we will be allowing ONE PERSON IN AT A TIME. Please refrain from touching anything (disinfecting surfaces is so high maintenance while we’re working) and keep your visit to as little contact as possible! This is so easy as long as you are conscious about it! Rico has been doing a great job sheltering in place, and we are asking for everyone to hold on just a little bit longer as we move into summer. The longer we can practice social distancing, the better for Rico. 


Rico second homeowners: Please take time to self-examine your exposure and consider the incubation period for the virus to begin showing signs of illness. If you are arriving to your home in Rico from outside of Dolores County, please take the time to consider if and when you should visit the bar. Also, please be prepared to have a different dining experience with us… as things have changed!


Montezuma, San Miguel, and surrounding counties: Please consider supporting YOUR local establishments first, and come see us a little later on down the road after the “first wave” of tourism has passed. We’ll let you know when that happens and surely be inviting you to any events that we feel can support more crowds! Until then, please stay patient with us! We will be continuing to post updates on our website and social media outlets, so check our hours and what we will be offering before you make the drive up to Rico. Again, we will be limiting the amount of people we allow inside the bar and we will only have a few tables set up outside for dining. Things have changed and we will probably not be offering the same table side service you are used to at the Enterprise. 


Visitors from out of state: Our Enterprise Airbnb’s are currently offline and we are not sure when travel restrictions will be lifted. If your travel plans are for Telluride, please visit Telluride, as they are going to need your tourist dollars just as much as we are this year. If you are visiting the National Forest and our surrounding areas, please come prepared with all of your own supplies! We do not have a grocery store and our tiny little gas station is employing our most essential workers in town. Please wear a mask while visiting the few establishments in Rico to protect our local workers. We are far from any health care here! Our MAIN GOAL is to keep this virus from reaching our community, so as we come out of shelter in place orders around the nation, please be conscious and considerate of where you are traveling to.


Thank you to all those who have supported us along the way.
We will get through this! 

3 North Glasgow Avenue

Rico, Colorado 81332


Friday 12-8pm

Saturday & Sunday 8-8pm

Memorial Day 12-8pm